TFT PBE 9.16 Changes

TFT PBE 9.16 Changes

TFT PBE 9.16 Changes Teamfight Tactics Pro 1

These changes won’t go live until TFT Patch 9.16 even though they’re currently on the PBE. Riot Meddler did take some time to explain the developer’s current approach for balance changes. In short, balance patches are going to be more conservative.

New Champions

  • Camille
  • Jayce
  • Jinx
  • Vi


  • Demon Trait Rework: Basic attacks from Demons have a 40% chance to burn 30 of the enemy’s mana and gain 15/30/45 mana.
  • Hush


  • Champions: Ahri, Katarina, Miss Fortune, Zed
  • Items: Infinity Edge, Locket of the Iron Solari, Redemption
  • Traits: Wild


  • Champions: Braum, Cho’Gath, Karthus, Kha’zix
  • Items: Statikk Shiv, Ionic Spark

Bug Fixes

  • Nidalee
  • Guardian Angel

„We’re at the point now where we’re planning on slowing down on rate of balance changes in TFT. Until now we’ve been making pretty frequent and large changes trying to get everything broadly in line. From what we’re seeing balance is getting close to a point where natural meta evolution’s going to counter a lot of things though. Changing too quickly undercuts ability for that to emerge and can make it feel like whenever you’re starting to master things that expertise gets reset too much with new patches all the time.

We’re rolling out a new #TFT in-game matchmaking system with 9.16! With the new system, it’ll be extremely unlikely to be matched against the same player (or the ghost army) multiple times in a row! Not impossible, but exceedingly rare. Based on the simulations I’ve been running, it can only happen when there are exactly 5 players in the game, and even then at a very low frequency (less than 2% of matches)“.

  • Technical Game Designer Geoff Marsi


TFT New Hextech Champions and Class

Hextech Trait

  • Hextech was: When combat starts, disabled items for 5/15 seconds in a 1/2 tile radius. (2/4 Hextech champions)
  • Hextech is now: When combat begins, the ally team launches and detonates a pulse bomb, temporarily disabling nearby enemy items for 8 seconds within 1/2 hexes. (2/4 Hextech champions)

Camille – TFT Stats and Information

  • Class: Blademaster
  • Ability: Hextech Ultimatum – Camille roots and damages her current auto-attack target. Camille’s abilities that can attack that target will switch their current target to do so.
  • Meta: Ideally, Camille can single out an enemy and help her team focus fire them down. Explicit external control over AI’s targeting is a new effect, and we’d like to see players consider who they want to target on the enemy team.
  • Skin: Base
  • Tier: 1

Jayce – TFT Stats and Information

  • Class: Shapeshifter
  • Ability: Thundering Blow + Transform Mercury Cannon – Knock back his target then change to ranged, gaining max attack speed for a few attacks.
  • Meta: Jayce is able to break up the enemy frontline fairly early on in the fight, a premium and rare effect in TFT. Jayce has particularly low mana cost for a shapeshifter (50).
  • Skin: Base
  • Tier: 2

Vi – TFT Stats and Information

  • Class: Brawler
  • Ability: Assault and Battery – Vi targets the furthest enemy and launches towards them, knocking aside everyone else while knocking up and dealing damage on impact with her target.
  • Meta: Vi provides backline access on priority targets. Something we particularly wanted for Brawlers.
  • Skin: Base
  • Tier: 3

 Jinx – TFT Stats and Information

  • Class: Gunslinger
  • Ability: Get Excited – Jinx gets more excited as she scores takedowns. After her first, she gains attacked speed. After her second, she pulls out Fishbones for AoE damage on Autos.
  • Meta: Jinx is a ramping AoE AA carry (opposed to Draven ramping single target AA carry). She’s a particularly squishy, high risk/reward carry.
  • Skin: Base
  • Tier: 4


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